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Waterjet equpment uses cold supersonic abrasive erosion to cut almost any materials both metals and nonmetals. The highly pressurized water stream is forced through a tiny area which carries abrasive garnet to erode away the material.
Optional Add-On Features
Dae Distance Adjusting System
AMS III - Active Autoline II
The three main components of the AMS III abrasive management system:
Abraline III abrasive storage and supply system
Feedline IV abrasive metering system
Active Autoline II or Active IDE I abrasive cutting head system
The AMS III abresive management system is available in the following models:
AMS III S SC 4.3 : for single head machines
AMS III D SC 4.3 : for dual head machines
AMS III T SC 4.3 : for triple head machines
AMS III Q SC 4.3 : for four-head machines
DAADS -B Auto Abrasive Delivery System
DAADS - B Auto Abrasive Delivery System
DAADS-B has the capability of storing abrasive and delivers the abrasive to the bucket automatically. The design shows our continuous effort to improve efficiency and reduce labor requirement.
High sensitive sensor gives indication to operator when the hopper is empty.
With 170 liters abrasive storage capacity, system can supply abrasive for continuous operation of 500 to 800 minutes.
Double Cutting Head
Multi Cutting Head
With multi cutting heads, Waterjet increases the cutting efficiency which results in saving of time and thereby increases the production and decrease the production cost.
DWJ 13 / 14 / 15 / 20 Series Flying Arm CNC Cutting Table
DWJ 15 Series Bridge CNC Cutting Table
DWJ 30 Series Bridge CNC Cutting Table
KMT Series UHP Pumps
Dardi Series UHP Pumps
Optional Accessories
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