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Our representatives and Application Engineers are available 24x7 hours to provide you proper solution for your all quires related to technical support of water jet.
Phone: Marketing Department - Mr. Ankit Patel - +91 92274 83363
    Technical and Service Department -  Mr. Nishant Kalaria – +91-99099 29276
Marketing sales@ainnovative.in, ainnovative@hotmail.com
Service Support service@agroup.in
Spares Support spares@agroup.in
Fax: Questions or problems regarding machines can be faxed to us any time.
Our fax no.    -  +91 79 26561238  or +91 79 26565731
A Innovative International Ltd. offers you full operating and maintenance training. The training covers operating of machine as well as maintenance of the machine. A free of charge repair/maintenance training program in our facility will be provided.

You are working with the leading company, where you can also consult with our experts at any time for any special needs. All our training is hands-on so you will get satisfactory results.
Scope of Training includes :
Primary principle of Ultra-pressure Water Cutter
Flow Chart
Oil Filters – checking
What to have on hand
Water Filters – checking
Q  When – Where to check - consequences
Principle and maintenance of intensifier
Identifying Parts
Replacement of High-pressure seals and parts
Blue Goop – requirements
Results of too little blue goop
Troubleshooting of intensifier
List of Spares Required
 A Complete set of spares and materials to ensure you have what is needed to keep running
Maintenance of Cutting head Assembly, Abrasive controlling valve system
Abrasive Cutting Systems, all associated spares & consumables.
Abrasive Head Operation
Abrasive controlling valve system
How it works & Advantages
Abrasive feed tubing, replacement
Abrasive hopper, window
How to clear blocked mixing tubes
Protecting the orifice from being damaged by abrasive.
How to extend the life of mixing tubes.
Various types available and their advantages & disadvantages
Costing of Abrasive.
Caring & loading of Abrasive.
Maintenance of Cutting Table
Range of different spacing for Grid
Thickness of Grates
Home Position
A home position in case of emergency
G Code Generation
Lead in and Lead Out
Tool Compensation
Drill Holes
Outside Corners
Inside Corners
Tight Curves
Open Curves
Slowdown at Corners
Slowdown at Curves
Auto Nesting
Selection of Cutting Speed
Total Cutting mm
Educate total Cutting Cost
Use of post processor and their function
Operating actual machine
Cutting Procedures
Tooth Picks
Acceleration – Deceleration effects
Varying pressure and abrasive flow effects
Glass dealing with frosting surface
Tiles are never the same size
Plastics effects of cutting at very high speed
Very thick material, how to design, lead in and lead out of material
How to price a Job
How to price a work
Costing Control
A Innovative International Ltd. delivers ordered components quickly. We co-operate with you to determine what replacement parts you should have on hand with you to meet immediate requirement of spares, so that you don't lose your valuable production time waiting for parts to arrive.

AIIL has implemented SAP System with unique part number for every spare part. That enables to order the spares easily & also error free.

AIIL maintains the largest stock of spares in India.

AIIL provides genuine spares due to which there is no damage to machine, maintenance is less and working life of equipment is more.

We always endeavor to reduce downtime of your equipment.
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